About Us

Gut bacteria was dinner table discussion for the Lord family long before kombucha hit our shelves and good gut health entered our consciousness.

It all started when Linda suffered from a serious health condition, encephalitis, and resulting problems with her energy levels, memory and concentration. Tired of feeling flat and trying whatever she could to get her whole body humming again, she tuned in to what was going into her body and learned about how gut bacteria can heal or harm our mental and physical health.

Fast forward a decade or so, Linda’s gut has healed (thanks in part to a regular dose of kombucha) and the whole family have made gut health a top priority.

Diet and lifestyle tweaks were simple, but the question remained: How can we enjoy an alcoholic drink (or two or three... we don’t judge) at the end of a long week without the overdose of sugar and other nasties un-doing all the good work?

So, Linda, along with her son Riley and husband Peter, set out to solve their own problem.

And Saint + Sinner, a hard kombucha that is as wickedly delicious as it is angelically better-for-you, was born.


Hold on. What is kombucha?

Kombucha is a fermented, lightly sparkling tea that people around the world have been making and drinking for thousands of years. It all starts with sweetened tea which is fermented with the help of healthy bacteria and yeast. This process creates a delicious drink containing living cultures and organic acids that help our guts thrive, and most importantly is still low in sugar.

What makes S+S kombucha different?

We’re a good time. All kombucha contains trace amounts of alcohol. True to its name, Saint + Sinner kombucha ups the ante to give you one standard alcoholic drink per bottle. Yep, we’re making bedfellows of good times and good gut health, and we just know you’re going to love it.

We’re homegrown goodness. Saint + Sinner kombucha is handcrafted in the Illawarra, NSW, Australia from organic ingredients. Each of our brews is low in sugar, free from preservatives and gluten, and contains just 77 calories. We use natural, carefully-crafted flavours to create a way better-tasting booch that’s free from nasties so we can have the best of both worlds.

We’re better for the planet. We’re better for the planet. Our small batch fermentation process ensures every bottle is ethically and sustainably created, and our amber glass bottles helps to maintain the kombucha’s integrity.    


 Great taste. No guilt. Now that’s different.